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About us

The Fondazione De Agostini was set up in Novara (Italy),  in March 2007 by the Boroli and Drago families, both of which were shareholders in the De Agostini Group.

Firmly rooted in the area of Novara, where the De Agostini Group has been present since 1908, the Foundation operates primarily in the field of social care, particularly by fulfilling the needs of the most vulnerable groups – people with disabilities and children, providing real and effective solutions to their requirements.

In pursuit of this objective, the Foundation has set up a network of relationships and partnerships with organisations, foundations and institutions that share the same objectives and goals, and has undertaken, jointly with these bodies, to implement and support projects in the fields of social care, education and research.

The Foundation’s commitment to social care is the focus of most of its resources and efforts. It sees this as its true vocation, an attitude borne out of a corporate philosophy geared towards the individual, and a firm commitment to the needs of the local area.

The Foundation operates in Novara, the rest of Italy and in the international field.

In 2017 the Fondazione De Agostini celebrated its first ten years of activity, with an important balance both in terms of projects carried out and contributions to the beneficiary bodies and institutions. In the decade 2007-2017, the Foundation has supported more than 100 projects, for a total amount of over 12 million euro supplied, 7 million of which in the territory of Novara. The partners that have accompanied the Foundation in recent years have been 46, the beneficiary bodies 79.

In particular, to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Foundation has chosen to support a project for the city of Novara: the redevelopment of the municipal green area between Via Redi and Via delle Rosette in the Sant’Andrea district. The decision to make available to the city in which the Fondazione De Agostini was born the resources for this important project, intends to underline the Foundation’s desire to create a new space for socialization, open to all citizens and based on accessibility criteria for people with disabilities.