How we operate

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The primary objective of the Fondazione De Agostini is to implement and support initiatives that can operate efficiently, independently and sustainably.

In order to achieve this, the Foundation has adopted an operational model based on the careful selection of partners with whom to work on designing individual projects, either choosing associations or bodies that pursue the same aims as the Foundation, and operate in the same fields, or supporting projects run by other Foundations that share the same strategies and guiding principles.

The Foundation’s activities take place in three successive phases:

– selection of projects to be supported. The selection phase involves a process of analysis aimed at assessing both the soundness of the projects and the competence of the people who will be managing it;

– allocation of the grant to projects and initiatives that fulfil the aims of the Foundation and which are self-supporting, i.e. will be able to continue their activities at the end of the set period without the need for further grants, as agreements, accreditations or recognitions that allow the entity or association to pursue its activities independently will have been achieved;

– checks and ongoing monitoring of the results achieved by the project, with a strong commitment by the Foundation to guide and support its partners.

The relationship that develops between the Foundation and the funded bodies strengthens over time, from initial contact to completion of the project, creating an ongoing, lasting relationship of trust.

The Foundation believes that its relationship with an organisation is essential to enable it to best carry out its mission, building a real partnership through the mutual exchange of knowledge and skills.

The Foundation is active and operates mainly in three areas:

1. social care, with a particular focus on childhood, disadvantaged children and people with disabilities;

2. medical and scientific research;

3. education, particularly in the university and post-university sector.

Abroad Fondazione De Agostini operates in the underdeveloped regions and in those areas which are affected by events of public disaster or other extraordinary events, with prevailing attention to the situations of suffering, food shortage and lack of education.

From 2007 to date, the Fondazione De Agostini has funded 150 projects totaling about € 14,400,000.