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The mission of the Fondazione De Agostini is to provide sound and effective support for people in difficulty.

The Foundation seeks to pursue its mission by supporting and implementing high-quality projects and initiatives that fulfil actual and proven needs.

With this in mind, the Foundation focuses its operations by identifying specific objectives and verifying that they are consistent with its aims.

The cornerstone of this mission is a philosophy of commitment to work alongside the most vulnerable, and to be a supportive resource for the most disadvantaged people in society, with no discrimination on grounds of gender, race, language, religion, political opinion, or personal or social situation.

For these reasons, the Foundation identifies real needs by talking to the partners that it from time to time selects as its operating partners to implement specific projects; adopts and implements new solutions; and lastly works to ensure that the successful solutions promote and strengthen the autonomy and responsibility of society as a whole.

The guiding principle of the Foundation’s mission is to help develop the ability to create solutions to the problems themselves and to replicate the most successful ones in different contexts and locations.