Roberto Drago

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Born in Novara on January 3, 1951, Roberto Drago graduated from the Università Bocconi of Milan with a degree in Economics and Business. In January 1976 he joined the Istituto Geografico De Agostini, working in administration. From January 1978 until December 1988 he was Director of Finabuch SA in Lugano, the foreign holding company of the De Agostini group and sole distributor of the De Agostini catalogue in the Italian-speaking areas of Switzerland. In March 1991 he was appointed General Manager of the De Agostini Group holding company, responsible for the Group’s corporate, legal, financial and fiscal services. March 1999 saw his appointment as Vice-Chairman of Finance for De Agostini SpA. He is a member of the Board of Directors of B&D Holding S.p.A. and of the Board of Directors of Planeta De Agostini. He is Chairman of Camperio S.p.A. SIM, DeA Partecipazioni S.p.A., DeA Factor S.p.A., B&D Finance S.p.A. and AS5 S.r.l. From February 2007 he has been Chairman of Fondazione De Agostini.